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About collection

Beauty will save the world! – is not just a phrase, for us, it is the most important human value, inherent in the laws of the universe. The criterion of beauty is a special aesthetic feeling, an experience that our “la Vogue” collection will give you.

“la Vogue” consists of unique watercolour fashion illustrations made by artist Yulia Shevchenko. These are one-of-a-kind, exclusive works of art created in a single copy on paper using paints, brushes and pencils and then converted into NFT format.

The collection is inspired by the perfection of the human body, which has been gifted by Nature, clothing as its second skin created by people, and Time, which is represented in the prism of contemporary culture as fashion.

In French, “la Vogue” means “fashion” – a subtle, very sensitive indicator of modern reality and the area of art for talented designers creating amazing images for the world catwalk. “la Vogue” collection collects and presents the models of all famous brands and fashion houses, as well as bold and bright street fashion images.

The “la Vogue” project is an attempt to leave a piece of our present – that is invisibly frozen in fashionable clothes – for future generations in the timeless vault of the global system. This subtle, elusive world of beauty and creativity of human genius is reverently captured by Yulia Shevchenko in every fashion illustration, in the author’s unique artistic style, and in the watercolour technique.

Together with the artist, our team invites you to go on a journey through our amazing “la Vogue” collection.