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About NFT

Classical fine art is usually what most of us are used to seeing in museums, books, magazines, and the Internet, but it is essentially real objects that exist in the physical world and can be touched with our hands. NFT allows you to own, buy, and sell original objects of art and creativity in the virtual world.

An NFT or non-fungible token is a unique object that has a certificate proving your ownership in the digital realm. The NFT object remains in the perpetual repository of the global system (Inter-Planetary File System).

With the advent of NFT, one of the main problems of the art market – the difficulty of determining the difference between a copy and an original – has been solved. Digital platforms allow direct, continuous tracking of all information about an art object, including confirming its status as an original.

In the digital space, it is easy to find out in detail about the origins of a work since its creation, as well as about the history of its owners. Before blockchain, we had to rely on experts and art historians. For NFT artists, it’s a great outlet where the artist and collector find each other directly without intermediaries.

The collector can easily put the purchased work for resale. The availability of a secondary market will make buying an art object a gamble. In addition to the buyer, all users can view and download the NFT illustration, but only the buyer will have a certificate of ownership. Authorship of the art object remains with the artist.

The “la Vogue” watercolour collection, thanks to the NFT digital space, now exists in two worlds – physical and virtual. NFT gave the “la Vogue” project an opportunity to leave for future generations a piece of our present – fashion and fashionable clothes – in the perpetual storage of the global system. Clothes captured in illustrations in beautiful watercolour technique. Our project aims to worthily expand and complement offers dedicated to collectors and true art connoisseurs and presented on the NFT digital art market.