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About us

We are driven by our mission to raise interest in classical fine art and fashion illustration among present and future generations, and to unite people around the world into a global creative community.

We are a team united by the idea of creating an inspiring collection in a meta-universe that has no analogues in the digital space. We focus on drawing attention to the new capabilities of NFT platforms and expanding the usual standards of graphic content by integrating classical arts into the digital field.

The “la Vogue” collection is the work of Yulia Shevchenko, an illustrator, fashion designer, writer and PhD candidate. Julia’s art style is bright, recognizable and distinctive. Her illustrations are inspired by the anatomy of the human body, the plasticity and texture of fabrics, the combination and dynamics of colours, bold and bright modern images from the world’s catwalks and from the streets of different cities.

Our team is passionate about the world of the metaverse and the world of classical fine art, and we firmly believe that our project can change people’s lives for the better and help our planet in general.