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In a constantly changing world, we suggest to catch a moment of silence and to contemplate with us, to create with us, to help people and the planet with us.

The “la Vogue” collection is aimed to draw attention to classical forms of art in the era of total digitalization reflected in all the spheres of human activity, including fine art. There is a risk of humanity abandoning tactile work with art materials and completely replacing them with digital analogues.

That is why, in the NFT metaverse, we have moved away from the usual standards of graphic content and present live drawings created with the materials available for most – watercolours, brushes and pencils. We want to prove that classic fine art continues to evolve and harmoniously fits into new technologies.

With the “la Vogue” project, we strive to maintain interest among present and future generations in creating and working with artistic materials: paper, watercolours, brushes, pencils, etc. We believe that creativity, creation and the desire for beauty can have a beneficial effect both on each individual and on society as a whole.  In this regard, the phrase “beauty will save the world” acquires new practical meaning.

With the “la Vogue” collection, we hope to unite people around the world, from art connoisseurs and collectors to enthusiasts and emerging artists to create a global creative community. Only together we can become the rescuing and creative force that will be able to benefit all who need it.

“la Vogue” consists of unique watercolour fashion illustrations made by artist Yulia Shevchenko. These are one-of-a-kind, exclusive works of art created in a single copy on paper using paints, brushes and pencils and then converted into NFT format.