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#062 Fashion Collection Alexander McQueen

In the era of total digitalization, there is a risk of mankind losing the amazing ability to work tactilely with a real artistic material – watercolour. Graphic tablets and computer programs with watercolour effects cannot replace this beautiful and complex art form. Therefore, we want to draw attention to this problem and show new opportunities for the classic visual arts in the digital field.

The “la Vogue” collection in the NFT space is unique. Most of the collections presented in marketplaces are made with computer-generated pre-drawn details. On the contrary, we offer a collection of exclusive illustrations, each one created by hand on paper with watercolour paints and brushes.

Watercolour is a type of art that appeared at the intersection of painting and graphics. The watercolour technique is one of the most interesting and complicated in the world. It opens up unlimited possibilities and beauty to the artist with time. To understand and feel it, you need patience, courage and a lot of practice.

Creating just one illustration of the “la Vogue” on average takes 3-5 days, while it took years to form the entire collection. Each illustration begins with a pencil sketch, in which a silhouette, shape, texture features, accessories and other details are worked out. And already on heavy paper, the artist proceeds to painstaking work with watercolour paints. At that moment, colour, volume and mood appear on the white sheet. Individual approach to each illustration, each model, and each detail of an image makes our collection truly amazing and unique in the whole digitalized metaverse.

We believe that only a true work of fine art, in which the soul of the artist, the warmth of his hands and the energy of the living lines were put into the paper, can have a huge positive impact on people, fill them with a sense of aesthetic experience and beauty – the most important value inherent in the laws of the universe.

We hope that many people will join us to support the amazingly beautiful art of watercolour painting, in particular the fashion illustration in this exquisite technique.

Photo: Courtesy of Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen 
Spring/Summer 2022 Show | Live in London