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“la Vogue” collection

Beauty will save the world! – is not just a phrase, for us, it is the most important human value, inherent in the laws of the universe. The criterion of beauty is a special aesthetic feeling, an experience that our “la Vogue” collection will give you.


The “la Vogue” collection is aimed to draw attention to classical forms of art in the era of total digitalization reflected in all the spheres of human activity, including fine art. There is a risk of humanity abandoning tactile work with art materials and completely replacing them with digital analogues.

About us

We are a team of deete united by the idea of creating an inspiring collection in the metaverse, made in the technique of watercolor painting, which has no analogues in the digital space. We have directed our work to attract attention to the new capabilities of NFT platforms, to expand the usual standards of graphic content by integrating classical types of art into the digital field.

The la Vogue collection is the work of Yulia Shevchenko, an illustrator, fashion designer, writer and PhD candidate. Julia’s artistic style has a colorful, recognizable and characteristic handwriting. Her illustrations are inspired by the anatomy of the human body, the plasticity and texture of fabrics, the combination and dynamics of colors, bold and bright modern images of famous fashion houses, and fashionistas from the streets of different cities.


The “la Vogue” collection in the NFT space is unique. Most of the collections presented in marketplaces are made with computer-generated pre-drawn details. On the contrary, we offer a collection of exclusive illustrations, each one created by hand on paper with watercolour paints and brushes.

Watercolour is a type of art that appeared at the intersection of painting and graphics. The watercolour technique is one of the most interesting and complicated in the world. It opens up unlimited possibilities and beauty to the artist with time. To understand and feel it, you need patience, courage and a lot of practice.

About NFT

An NFT or non-fungible token is a unique object that has a certificate proving your ownership in the digital realm. The NFT object remains in the perpetual repository of the global system (Inter-Planetary File System).


We believe that beauty will save the world and it is not only about the inner feelings of human beings, and their move toward creation and harmony through creativity and fine arts, but we also believe it is important to provide real help.